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Animations on Youtube...

2009-12-10 08:31:28 by z00mpa

Here are a few of my animations uploaded on youtube. Because i'm rubbish at making compressed flashes, i tend to just output as video rather than swf.

Stigma Movie Trailer:

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Movie is a Working Title and is expected to be completed between 2010-2011... For more information please visit: www.zoompa.co.uk

Miming Jackson:

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This disturbing looking Mime dances like Michael Jackson and then morphs into the E4 logo. This was my entry submitted for a competition which involved creating an animated sting for E4, 1st place winner will get £5000 and 2 runner ups will recieve £500.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie HD:

/* */
The initial plan was to remake Steamboat Willie but using a computer to make more stable sharper quality sequences... I also wanted to demonstrate my own animation and drawing skills so i did it all myself rather than tracing the originals. I was also going to change the story slightly and demonstrate a transition of black and white to full colour widescreen High Definition.

HOWEVER, after researching and before contacting Disney, i lost confidence in that i'd even be allowed to make this for non profitable showreel puposes... So i decided to just Can it and work on my original stuff... Shame, i think this could have been fairly popular...

So all that you see here, is the early stuff i started on for it, its not in order or anything and most of it is still my original pencil sketches before being computerised... And yeah... So... This Is It!


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